Stress-Free Automation
Local Mecca SEO Real Estate Automation uses the latest technology to give Real Estate investors an unfair advantage over their competition. Through a close working relationship with RMO Media, you will send full-fledged contracts to all of the listed properties in your county each month. Using our unique follow up system you will be in touch with every Realtor® you placed a contract with each week.

The Benefits
Traditional methods of Real Estate investing are flooded with competition. In a Buyers market there are plenty of deals available through the market. A person facing foreclosure may list to the market in hopes of a quick sale. As properties sit for extended periods of time, your offer might be placed at just the right time. The right place at the right time, that’s the name of the game.

By keeping contact with all of the Realtors in your county on a weekly basis, you will develop relationships and become the go-to Investor for every wholesale deal, even the deals that have no time or that have not yet been entered to the market.

Unparalleled Service
Our follow up system is second to none. Without extensive website knowledge and database application understanding, your investment to put a system in place of even remote comparison will be not only expensive, but very time consuming.

Try our web-based Real Estate Automation software today and we will help you generate leads that will increase your business’ revenues.