Why Local Mecca iPhone Apps Development?

Our mobile and iPhone application development philosophy is simple: we produce stellar and innovative iPhone apps that are designed and developed to enhance user experience, engage your customers, and build your mobile brand. Simply put, we are leaders in Apple iPhone application development.

Local Mecca boasts a highly creative and enthusiastic team of dedicated professional iPhone apps developers and designers, and a robust and experienced application marketing team. We seamlessly provide best-in-class mobile and iPhone apps that can effectively compete in the mobile applications marketplace.


Professional iPhone App Developers

Local Mecca provides professional iPhone application development and other smartphone and mobile application development services for business and entrepreneurs alike. Our creative consulting teams and iPhone application developers understand the importance of creating highly aesthetic and functional Apps.

As competition continues to grow in the app market, professional iPhone application development and user-centric mobile app design becomes paramount in driving measurable results that ultimately lead to a significant return on investment.

Moreover, our strategy and marketing teams understand that the successful promotion of your iPhone App is instrumental to its success. As with any product, a marketing plan should be an integral part of your apps business plan and not an afterthought.

Mobile Business & Enterprise App Developers

Our experience and confidence in building professional software designs, developing apps, executing innovative marketing strategies, and leveraging our relationships yields results for all of our customers and partners.

Mobile & iPhone Application Development Team

While other app development companies build projects as a ‘work-for-hire’, we believe in our designs, development and our employees who build them, so much in fact, that everyone in our company participates in the revenues of our business. This philosophy furthers the success of each and every project we do because we treat all projects as if they were our own.

The Local Mecca App Development Process

The app development process at Local Mecca begins with the customer in fully understanding the core objective of the app and the benefits it needs to provide to the end user. Local Mecca differentiates itself from other smaller and mid-size development companies via its rigorous process that vets an idea from concept to quality assurance. Every step throughout our app development process is carefully orchestrated to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. We build quality. If success is important to you, and you want your idea to flourish, we’re your mobile or iPhone app development partner.

What Constitutes a High-Quality App?

Conceptual Design, Planning, Market Research, Creative Design, World-Class Development and Marketing — these are the building blocks of success in the mobile and iPhone app market, and are all services that Local Mecca provides.

Our creative team begins with a solid base by building custom specification documents leveraging our creativity, market research, strategic planning and knowledge of the marketplace. This approach leads to a level of expertise and confidence that no other app developer can provide.

Our Apps development for iPhone suite includes the following:

  • Custom Native iPhone Apps:
  • We develop applications that take advantage of the following iPhone technologies: multi-touch interface, accelerometer, GPS, proximity sensor, dialer, address book and calendar.
  • Web-Safari iPhone Apps:
  • Social Networking Apps:
  • GPS Enabled Apps:
  • Apps Programming Development for iPad:
  • Launch And Optimization: