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Similar to Facebook Likes, the new Google 1’s are quickly becoming a way to judge the popularity of your website. Google may even consider the number of plus one’s a website has to determine the position of that website in Google search results. The more 1’s your site has, the more popular it will look to Google.
Google Plus One?

The +1 button is a shorthand for this is pretty cool or you should check this out. Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1 can help friends, contacts and others find the best stuff when they search.
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Our packages:

# of +1’s Cost Feature Benefit Turn Around
100 ‘s $30  by Real people Unique IP Addresses Delivery in 3-6 Days
250 ‘s $60  by Real people Unique IP Addresses Delivery in 5-8 Days
1,000 ‘s $175  by Real people Unique IP Addresses Delivery in 10-12 Days
2,000 ‘s $250  by Real people Unique IP Addresses Delivery in 12-14 Days