Why Local Mecca?
Nothing to set up, nothing to tweak, nothing to install, nothing to scale, nothing to optimize.
Local Mecca is a completely managed system. We take care of all the tricky details in setting up your site, which means that there is no software to install, nothing to upgrade and that your site will stay online through the most massive traffic storms. You deserve a safe online presence, one that is free from hackers, spam, and viruses. We’ll secure your network and encrypt your data with the latest standards, protecting both you and your customers. Further, we’ve already used every trick in the book to ensure your site gets picked up by search engines. New features are constantly deployed so that your site is always up to date. Every user is our number one client — all Local Mecca members have access to our industry-leading support.

Want advertising on your site? A tip jar? Paypal links? Go for it. Local Mecca does not place advertising on any website on our service, and you’re free to monetize your site in any way you want. Your vision is our vision.

You need a team that will create your blog from the ground up, with practical, beautiful, and creative design to meet your business needs. We fully support WordPress – a state-of-the-art semantic personal blog publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability – and the platform most personal clients choose. Our professionals will also install Joomla, Drupal, or Posterous, backend for you to meet the your business needs.

Get Social
We know that your fans are important. They are the breath and voice of your product. We encourage you to get the word out with every creation because it’s a lot more fun together. That’s why you need a really personal, meaningful, clear, beautiful web presence. Our team will help you always be synced with your content.

Unique hits to your website create value and attract new potential subscribers and customers for your business. Knowing where your customers come from and what keywords they used to find you will give you the competitive edge for your website to earn more revenue. Local Mecca’s analytics tools give you the power to view real-time traffic and behavior of your visitors. We’ll look at each view with real-time statistics, RSS subscriber tracking, Google PageRank, Top Content, and Visitor Logs to show you what your customers’ value. We’re here to share with you their values and help your vision succeed.

Content That Delivers
Our support team will help you with high-quality copy that will resonate with your customers. Our on-site development team will assist you every step of the way to provide the most relevant needs for your business. We code only in the latest and most stable code (including HTML 5.0, XML, Flash, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Java). We’ll meet your coding needs so you shine on all platforms of choice. Attention is placed on standards-compliant code, usability and accessibility issues and also cross-browser considerations.

Love Your Design

We design unique personal and pro blogs for your needs. Designed from the ground up with beautiful and clean code specifically for you. Wow your customers with a digital footprint that matches your company’s vision. We’ll even host unlimited pages and galleries to manage your growing digital love.

Creative, catchy, and colorful – your logo tells more than your company’s name. It holds your values, your image, and what you stand for. We believe that your favicon deserves to match your company needs – professional or fun.

Local Mecca creates custom WordPress themes with individual graphics, menus and layouts, as well as blog designs and themes for other CMS platforms. From design, to implementation, hosting and support – we do it all. Our designers will detail every part of your website to provide an individual, customized experience.

Keep the Gears Turning
The Internet changes fast and you want to be part of that wave. New code is constantly emerging, changing standards, faster software, and new applications. Let our team offer you all of these features while you benefit from our expertise. Local Mecca will help you move your images, posts, links and ads from an old website to your new one. We provide support for many of the popular systems for your site’s transition. Our top designers can offer you consulting tips and the advice to give you that 5 hour energy boost you need at 4pm.

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